“The Best Day”

Luke and his brother took some of the kids down to watch the OSU marching band practice before the game, and to sell Luke’s buckeye necklaces he’d made. There were many people about selling tickets to the game, but Luke didn’t pay them any mind until one guy who was buying necklaces offered him two tickets for $20! They couldn’t pass that opportunity up, and after a quick call to Grandma (Thank You!!!) across the river to come get the kids, they were in! Paul said, “We were like kids in a candy store.”

No More TV?

Mel at Our Blessed Arrows has posted her Frugal Fridays tip about getting rid of your TV. This is a timely post for me, as I have already been thinking hard about this.
There was a time in our family life that we spent a significant time without a TV, then one season we found ourselves with some extra cash, and we bought an entertainment center for the living room. One of those items in it was a TV. I felt a bit strange going back to having one and still am not at peace with the arrangement. If it is there in the house, it is usually on more than it should be, and I see how it makes my kids act out in unattractive ways when they have watched too much.
My husband and I talked a little about this just last night; if we got rid of it now, we wouldn’t really suffer much, because the one show we watch has the episodes available to watch online. Quite coincidentally, the shelf that holds up the TV gave way a couple of days ago, and now the thing is being held up by a subwoofer, a phone book, and an NIV Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. Hmmm. The space given up by the TV would be perfect for storing CD’s that currently do not have a home.
I can see where not having one would save you money; off the top of my head, I can attribute at least $80 in spending as a result of watching TV: buying Season 1 and 2 of LOST.
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Burton Funnies

We were watching Wheel of Fortune tonight, and the one guy solves the puzzle.
A shakes her head and says rather disgustedly,”I didn’t solve it. But if the puzzle would have been ‘CANNED PEAS’, I definitely would have gotten it.”

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

My brother, Daniel, is 27 today. Whew, I feel old.

I hear, after the fact, that my parents threw him a rousing good party, complete with a cake blazing with 27 candles, and birthday song in 2 part harmony, all before my dad left for work. And they didn’t even invite us. Probably afraid we’d eat too much of the cake.

Luke has a profitable business going in the fall, making buckeye necklaces. He’s so creative, and enterprising. He will go down to the Minnesota game this coming weekend to try and sell some he’s made. He already bought a #10 jersey and new running shoes, so hopefully all of the necklaces will sell.
Luke’s brother is coming into town to go to the game with Luke, and we will get to meet our new nephew. Good fall fun.
Go Bucks!

Only The Lonely

I have started reading a book, Witness, by Whittaker Chambers, and in it he talks about how at times he enjoyed and preferred being alone.
“If I had really wanted the fellowship that lay on the other side of the wall, I would have battered my way or scrambled over. The real wall was my own indifference and my liking for solitude.”Witness, p.115
It hit me that I am like that, too. Most of my memories of childhood, I am playing alone. My siblings must have been around, and I am sure I played with them plenty, but I remember spending so much time alone, and not minding. I’m social enough when circumstances require it, but if I had my choice, I would prefer to be alone most of the time. The circumstances of life with a husband and large family do require me to be in a crowd :). So I have to figure out how to make my personality (ah, solitude) blend with the needs of my family (Mommy, help!). I can give and give, but sooner or later there has to be some down time for me or I and everyone else will suffer for it. Sometimes when things seem to be getting really crazy around me, the reason is that I haven’t gotten alone much lately, and especially I have not gotten alone with God, who made me this way, with a need for solitude.
An article I read today was talking about the benefits of waking early and going to bed late, because in those hours a person has time be alone, to reflect on things and to do meaningful Bible study. It occured to me that there is nothing wrong with wanting to have time to myself; the problem is when I choose to take it. In fact, I would have plenty of that time in the mornings and nights if I stay disciplined. If I am sleeping in until the kids awaken and going to bed right after the children do, my days feel so crowded and unpleasant. There is such wisdom in Proverbs 31.
She gets up while it is still dark…her lamp does not go out at night. from verses 15 and 18
Something I realized anew after reading Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman, by Anne Ortlund, is this. At at the end of time, when I stand before the Lord, I won’t have the job descriptions of mother, wife, or daughter to hide behind and make excuses. I will just be the person God created standing there, and He’ll want to know what I did with the life He gave me. I hope that I have something good to show for it and make Him happy.

“Very Unpleasant”

Yep. That describes what the next few months will be like, watching LOST. Luke and I were enjoying watching Season 2 on DVD, having the great non-antenna picture, and seeing all the extra stuff. Talk about delayed gratification: now we are back to seeing only 43 minutes of the plot at a time, and are left to wonder all week what is going on. I’m gonna need to see that episode again. Good thing my mom records it since she’s gone at choir Wednesday nights.
So Henry, nee Ben, is the head honcho around the paradise cove, but it appears that some aren’t exactly fully behind his leadership. I am racking my brain trying to figure out where I have seen that girl before. I don’t think we have already seen her on LOST, but I don’t watch much else, so what would it have been? I could look it up, but don’t want to take the time on the computer.
I think that Jack was hallucinating a little at the end, and that the others don’t really know all that stuff about him. That is part of what makes this show interesting: once you are on the island, your perception of reality is just as important as the true reality. It is like they are woven together.
I miss Desmond and Locke terribly. I hope they survived. Slim chance, though. The writers would have to dig into soap opera plots to have them still be alive:
Suddenly Desmond wakes up, finds he has been in a coma for 4 years…
Suddenly John wakes up, finds he has been sleeping at his desk…
Oh, no dey dinit…